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Our new home for Christian inspiration is on www.davidmakuyu.net while this website will primarily focus on my business thoughts around gaps currently in the digital space that can be built into viable web properties.
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A New Home…

… for digital and entrepreneurship content is on my Medium account.

I actually started this blog as a content marketing blog to capture my key thoughts as I worked with clients in optimizing their websites and producing content for them.

Beginning 1 January 2017, I decided to transform this blog into a Christian blog to share some of my top inspirational thoughts and of course my series of drive-time devotionals that I used to air on radio.

And entering 2018, I will be focusing on developing a key series of online marketplaces. In line with my conviction, I will be sharing my thoughts on digital brands, brand building and digital marketing on my new home on Medium.

I say ‘my conviction’ because I think it’s important that as we do something, we speak about it as a form of self-learning. By documenting what I do, it makes it easier to be focused, dedicated and committed to the task at hand.

I’ve spent the last one year researching gaps in the digital market and these are the gaps we intend to bridge as we enter into 2018.

Let me explain further…

I’ve seen the world shift to a digital space over the last four years in Kenya.

It’s been more than that in other parts of the world.

The opportunities are phenomenal. As I build numerous web properties on behalf of other clients, I see incredible gaps that make for some valuable and interesting online properties.


Online Business Gaps

One thing that keeps me very excited is spotting business gaps online and seeing how to develop a solution around them.

The creation and design of something that didn’t exist before thrills me beyond anything else.

Now that the world is digital, when you take a look at our core needs when we are sourcing for content online, you begin to spot some of these gaps.


Unique Online Marketplaces

And some of these gaps can be best solved with the creation of a relevant, unique marketplace.

If you explore niche areas like music, marketing, communication, photography and real estate, you see a very real opportunity for a marketplace that will simply and streamline the whole search process.


I really wish I could build all of the gaps I see, but some I can’t because I simply don’t don’t have the time.

So hopefully, by sharing some of these insights with you over on Medium, you can carry the mantle and see if you can build them, or better still, translate the thinking into your own particular business direction and see where it takes you.

What Does That Mean for This Blog?

Well, not much! I’m just sharing my thoughts with you in case you’ve noticed massive website redesigns over the last 12 months on this blog.

In fact, in 2018, we introduce two new products here on davidmakuyu.com


Two Exciting Newsletters

We are introducing two new newsletters in 2018: The Christian Minute and Weekly Bible Verse And Topic

The Christian Minute takes the printed form of a radio show with a timely compact 5-minute skim of all the major interesting christian content on the web.

From music & entertainment, to politics and current affairs, we are going to do the heavy work of reading through tons of Christian blogs to uncover the best finds of the week.

The newsletter will cover more. Add sports, personalities, bible verses & devotions, lifestyle, travel and culture, and you get a good grasp of what we want to do.

We’ll be promoting the Christian Minute on social media as well, so we will aggressively amplify the newsletter to reach over 100,000 people a month. If you would like to be part of the action and share your devotions, testimonies and more, get involved!


What Inspires This?

Reader’s Digest

I remember when i was growing up, I’ send hours pouring through readers Digest. I have not found my other magazine that had such global reach, such wonderful testimonies and so unabashedly promoted the gospel of Christ.

We need more Reader’s Digest.

Now, I’m not Reader’s Digest, but my desire is to inspire you just as much as Reader’s Digest did we are going to cover the best of the best and give it to you in a sweet, creative format.

This again stems from the bible devotions I used to share on radio.



Bible Verse And Topic Newsletter




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