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David Makuyu is a Christian, entrepreneur and digital media expert based in Nairobi. He's happily married to Ema and together they have a wonderful daughter.
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David Makuyu
About me

Christian Entrepreneur, Visionary, Radio host, and Corporate Speaker.

David Makuyu is a Christian entrepreneur, visionary radio host and digital marketer.

Husband And Father

David Makuyu also wears two hats; as the proud husband to Ema, and father to the cutest girl on the planet.

David describes Ema as “the most amazing treasure God has ever given me.”

Family plays a big role in David’s life, and when he’s not working, you will most probably find him at home in the garden, playing with his lovely daughter.

It’s not all he does, though!

Digital Media, Music & Marketing


David has a passion for building up digital brands and seeing them rise to profitability.

He’s helped transform various African ‘brick-and-mortar’ establishments in the Finance, Charity, Consumables, Media and FMCG brand categories into fast-growing online brands over the last two years. He is also a Corporate Speaker on Christian principles for successful living, African entrepreneurship and digital marketing for African brands.

A Long Career In Radio

David has spent over 16 years in radio in a number of roles.

Starting out as a radio producer, he got promoted to Head of Programmes, and eventually Station Manager with a local Christian Radio Group.

Four years later, David left to join Hope FM, run by Christ Is The Answer Ministries, also based in Nairobi.

There, he served as Head of Programmes before being promoted to Station Manager after two years.

Feeling the call to entrepreneurship, Makuyu resigned from Hope FM to set up a new music production business, where he produced and managed a big group of emerging music artists.

Radio didn’t leave him alone for long, though.

An opportunity to work with one of the biggest Radio Groups in Kenya came calling, and David joined the stable as Sponsorships & Promotions Manager, a position he served for four years before resigning to concentrate on digital media, music and marketing.

The Impact Of Christian Radio

If there’s one item that influenced David Makuyu more than anything else in Christian radio, it’s the Drive-time Devotional segment aired while hosting the evening drive-time show, Route 104 on Hope FM.

It became one of the most popular segments aired on the Station, running for over 3 years before David had to give up the Show to concentrate on management.

The Drive-time Devotions…

David penned hundreds of devotions, although not all of them got to air.

This website, and the content therein, is a result of that season.

His wife Ema, had a role to play in this website.

It was Ema who encouraged David to give these unspoken devotions the light of day, both in written and audio formats.

Reflections Of The Christian Journey

What you then have here are reflections, thoughts and relevant lessons from that season of life, and also from present day lessons.

But they are more.

These are not the mundane devotions you’re probably used to.

Embedded within each of them are timely insights and relevant prayer points that will cause you to desire God’s Presence more.

Secrets That Will Jumpstart Your Christian Walk

If you’re frustrated that your Christian experience isn’t what you expected it to be, there’s a reason… and a secret to jumpstart your experience into a more exciting and fulfilling walk with God.

Embedded within each blog post, are timely insights and relevant prayer points that will cause you to desire God’s Presence more.

David shares these secrets with you, offering you a glimpse into what your Christian life could be, and giving you gilt-edged opportunities to jumpstart your fire and revive your love for God.

Right here, you have the opportunity to take back your blessings and destiny and turn your life the right side up.

Certain revelations shared here will jolt you. Some will surprise you.

Once you get a glimpse around some of the most popular myths commonly taught and learn how to overturn them and realize everything you have ever desired in your Christian walk, you will be on fire.

So, Read On!

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That’s where you get the ‘deep stuff,’ the stuff that will reveal amazing insights in the Word of God that you probably haven’t heard from a pulpit.

David will show you how to become your own destiny shaker, how to stop the devil in his tracks, how to live a power-packed Christian experience, how to get your prayers answered and how to live out your God-given purpose in a world that has forgotten God.

This Christian Blog Sets The Foundation…

The content on this blog sets the foundation.

When you are ready to rise up and take back what the devil stole from you, subscribe and let’s meet on the other side of the Newsletter.