I'm 35, I Haven't Achieved Much In Life. Is It Too Late? - David Makuyu Christian Blog
This is a profound lesson in Christian destiny whenever you look at your age and feel like it's too late to achieve anything.
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Christian Destiny

I’m 35, I Haven’t Achieved Much In Life. Is It Too Late?

Let’s hear it from Kirk Bishop


At 37, I was driving to work (a career I was no longer interested or challenged by – and a job I hated even worse) and Semi Truck was veering into me on an off-ramp in Fountain Valley. I had a brief thought that “if I let it hit me I could get out of going to work that day.” Then I got to work and started thinking about it. It really shook me! The fact that it even came into my head was such a huge red flag… I had to do something about it – about where my life had gone. Later that day I went and put in my two weeks notice at work – deciding to go to school and get a degree in Computer Science. I had no idea of how I would do it… but I committed to it and put the wheels in motion. I’d always worked in technology and software, but I was tired of training, selling, setting up and configuring other people’s work – I wanted to do something more! Fast forward 3 years… I am well on my way to getting my degree (well about 1/2 way – working full time really slows down the progress.) I have developed some solid skills in writing code (C++, JAVA, Python, PHP, JavaScript) and am currently employed as a LAMP stack Jr. Developer improving my skills every day. And I don’t think about letting trucks hit me on the way to work anymore. I didn’t even know I had a dream… sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone and press yourself and your true reality will emerge. Good Luck!


Well in, Kirk.

Who Decides When It’s Too Late?

This is a profound lesson in Christian destiny.

Dozens of God’s Generals started out late in life. A couple more thought they knew exactly what to do at an early age. They interfered with the process though and had to sit out on the sidelines for years before they were allowed back into the game.

By this time, they were old, humbled, responsive and with enough grace to let God take the reigns. (Hint: Abraham and Moses)

So you’re never too late to start out again.

You’re never too late to rediscover your destiny and walk in the fullness and joy that it brings.

So just don’t get in God’s way.

When done according to HIS plan, you will see your ultimate destiny unfold right before your eyes.

It sounds so easy on paper. Not so much when we go to school and learn how life belongs to the bold and courageous.

We get out of University and want to bulldoze our way through everything to the pinnacle of achievement and fame.

It doesn’t always quite pan out like that.


Learning To Be Guided By Psalms 32:9

What I’ve learnt is that there is a place for that unbridled energy and tenacious bulldog mentality – if harnessed and steered in God’s direction as He mentions in Psalms 32:9

Once you understand that God moves according to His Clock and His methods and not yours; and you’re able to move with ferocious energy when he gives you the green light; you can change the world.

If not, we end up like a sort of Moses, scarred by what we thought of as our moment of Christian destiny when it turned into a moment of calamity.

It was that initial shell-shock that probably made Moses so timid that God literally had to push him to take up his divine assignment when the right time came.

You could be so traumatized that like Moses, or Abraham, you’re getting your green light at 70.

But even then, it’s not too late.


It’s Only Over When God Says It’s Over

On the other side of the scale, you don’t want to be so placid that a situation has to come along to ‘jolt’ you out of your slumber and force you to make the career-transforming move that will catapult you into your destiny.

(Like Kirk above)

For many employed people in Kenya, this life changing move has been the massive retrenchment exercises taking place in practically all industries over the last four years.

Suddenly there are more jobless than employed people and that’s raising a lot of questions.


Tragedy or Destiny?

So let’s take your situation into question.

At 35, what if you want a total career shift?

What if you are 50?

Is it too late?

Not according to God’s time clock.

God’s time is always best.

Christian Destiny

Perhaps all the stuff you went through up to your present moment was designed to equip you for this present moment.

If you study all of God’s Generals in the Bible, you begin to realize they brought more trouble on themselves by moving too fast in response to a divine instruction they received in advance. Abraham, Moses, David, Saul, Solomon, King Hezekiah, Jonah… the list goes on.

Thankfully, other than Saul and Solomon, they all quickly realized their mistake and made amends.

Are You Ready For Your Christian Destiny?

Your present moment, whether you’re 50, 60 or 70, is probably the BEST time to now get going doing what God has really called you to do.

A fantastic read at this point is Pastor Rick Warren’s Your Destiny, Your Choice article.

All you need to fulfill your Christian destiny is humility, discernment and a keen ability to hear and act on God’s voice and not yours.


Coming back to Kirk….

Well done, You’ve taught us a good lesson.

It’s never too late for anyone.

Your Christian destiny awaits.

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