About - David Makuyu
David Makuyu uses his creativity, resource and years of experience in the media world to design and build online marketplaces in various niche markets.
About David Makuyu, David Makuyu, Makuyu, Makuyu
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Who Am I?

I’m a curious creative thinker with a media background spanning over 16 years.

I love to create, build and design. I love to see ideas come to life and make a difference in the lives of those who use them, especially in the communication and media world.

During my time in radio, I wrote and executed several client advertising campaigns, and now I apply that same skill, creativity, resource and talent in building online marketplaces for the future in various niche markets.

As the founder and CEO of Zuruweb, this vision becomes reality, beginning first with niche markets that are passionate to me, such as music, media, content and communication and extending to other gaps in the online digital space.

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Zuruweb designs and builds customer-centric online marketplaces in various niche markets like e-commerce, content, medicine, spirituality, music and entertainment.


Zuruplay is an innovative online music streaming service that pairs brands with customized soundtracks that appeal to their target customer.

New Music Lab

New Music Lab connects multiple artists to music blogs around the world to ensure increased exposure, sales, promotion and visibility for the music creators and curators.