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David Makuyu describes himself as an innovative curious thinker who uses his broad level of media experience to develop unique, relevant digital marketplaces in niche categories like media, music, content and e-commerce.
David Makuyu
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David Makuyu.

About Me

I’m an innovative, curious thinker focused on building online marketplaces designed for a digital future.

My Mission

To create real value and opportunity for creators and curators of content/talent/enterprise in the online space.

My History

Over a decade spent working in media houses in various managerial and creative capacities; and now focusing my time and talent in developing online media and web platforms.


See some of the innovative digital platforms we focus our efforts on.

Niche Brands

My focus is the development of niche brands in strategic key markets with incredible growth opportunity.

Zuruweb designs and builds innovative content-on-demand marketplaces in various niche markets including media, retail, graphic design and e-commerce.


Zuruplay is a smart on-demand online music streaming service specifically crafted for recreational brands.

New Music Lab

New Music Lab is a platform that connects artists to multiple music blogs around the world, resulting in increased visibility, sales, promotion and exposure for music creators and curators.